The economic specialization in Ovidius University of Constanta has been running since the academic year 1990-1991. The project was initially structured into two specialties:

  • International Economic Business, full-time studies, five-years  cycle (later four-years cycle);
  • Tourism and Services, full-time studies, five-years  cycle (later four-years cycle).

In 1990 both specialties were made part of the Faculty of  Sciences. Later in 1993,  under the Ministry of Education and Research Order no. 4685/1993,  they were part of the structure of the Faculty of Mathematics and Economic Sciences.

Starting with the 1995-1996 academic year under Executive Order 568/1995 and Ministry of Education and Research Order no. 4685/1993 was founded The Faculty of Economic Sciences structured in two modules each with a single specialty:

  • Trade – Marketing Module, with Tourism- Sevices specialty, full-time studies, four-years cycle;
  • International Economic Business Module, with International Economic Business, full-time studies, four-years cycle.

Since 1997/1998 the third specialty of the faculty – Finance and Accounting-full-time studies four-years cycle has received temporary authorization of function, thus completing the offer of specialists in the main domains of  regional economy where we carry on our activity.

Since 1999/2000 two postgraduate courses in the following directions of specialization have been developed:

  • Intraeuropean tranzactions, one-year cycle;
  • Business Administration in Tourism, one-year cycle, transformed later, since 2000/2001, into a three-semester cycle Master with the specialty „The Management of Business Projects” (in accordance with M.E.N. approval).

Starting with the same academic year (1999/2000),  distance education mode for the three authorized full-time specialties  was  also organized.

Due to the changes that have taken place in the economic-social environment – the growth of economic  activity especially in the financial banking services, correlated with high school graduates’ options- new specialties were founded: Accounting and Management Informatics, Finance and Banking as well as Marketing and Management.

The educational offer of the faculty diversified thanks both to the growth of the number of specialties needed on the labour market and  also to the practiced study modes. Thus, taking into account the tendency of improving professional training , advanced and master studies in the domains of tourism, trade, services, international business, accounting, auditing and business project management were founded.