Economics and International Business – EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT POLICIES


Year I: Micro and Macroeconomics, International Economics, The Economics of Regional Development, The Tecnique of Complex Transactions, Company Development Strategies, European Regional Development Policies, The European Financial System, Comparative European Policies.
Year II: The management of Regional Development Structural Funds, An Introduction to Project Management, Project Cycle Management, Techniques and Instruments for Financing European Regional Development Projects, Intercultural Management, European Projects Valuation and Auditing, Economic Forecasting, Communication, Negotiation and Business Partnership, Projects in Economics, Practical Training.

General skills

  • knowledge of the concepts, approaches, theories, models and advanced methods in the field of economics and European policies;
  • the ability to interpret the dynamics of the European business environment and to assess the results of their analyses ;
  • knowledge of the assessment, funding and monitoring criteria which are applied to the projects and programmes promoted by the European Union in the field of regional development;
  • knowledge of the methods which are used to develop and implement projects for the financing of regional development programmes;
  • the ability to make decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty.

Specialized skills:

  • knowledge of the methodology used to deal with regional development issues;
  • the ability to identify and analyze difficult problems and to effectively communicate the results of their analysis;
  • the ability to conduct surveys and provid consultancy in the field of economics and European business;
  • the ability to develop projects and regional development programmes in accordance with European programmes and practices;
  • regional development projects implementation and management skills;
  • the ability to work in a team, to lead and motivate interdisciplinary or intercultural teams.