Subjects of study

Ist year: Advanced Microeconomics, Management Basics, Quantitative Methods and Techniques in Project Management, Business Projects Planning Methods and Techniques, Informatic Systems for Project management, Management of Companies Oriented toward Projects, Fundamentals of Project management, Regional Development Economics, Methods and Techniques in Quality Management in Business Projects, Comprehensive Economic and Financial Analysis.
IInd year: Business Project Management, Auditing and Internal Control of Projects, Managerial Finance, Evaluation Methods and Techniques for Business Projects, Strategic and Operational Marketing for Business Projects, Financial Strategies for Business Projects, Project Risk Management, Complex Transactions Technique, Intercultural Management, Service Economy, Economic Projects I, Economic Projects II, Internship.

General skills

  • Apprehension of concepts, making use of the theories, of the specific approaches and instruments used in business administration;
  • Capacity to act independently and creatively in approaching and finding solutions for the problems, to evaluate objectively and in a constructive way critical states, to offer creative solutions for business management specific problems;
  • Developing project business management skills;
  • Applying business evaluation modern practices.

Specialized skills:

  • Mastering techniques used in elaborating and interpreting financial statements;
  • Assimilating mechanisms used in elaborating and analyzing financial statements for consortiums;
  • Developing managerial skills useful in project selection and administration;
  • Acquiring analysis methods and techniques used in the planning process, decision taking, performance assessment and control;
  • Acquiring the necessary knowledge for opportunity studies and feasibility studies required by business project funding;
  • Ability to form and coordinate the project team.