Business Administration – CORPORATE ECONOMY

Courses studied:

– 1st Year: Microeconomics, Mathematics applied in Economics, Principles of Accounting, Company Management, Statistics, Informatics, Business Communication and correspondence in a foreign language (I) (English, French, German), Macroeconomics, Finance, Management, Business Law, World Economy, Marketing, Business communication and correspondence in a foreign language (II) (English, French, German), Physical Education.
– 2nd Year: European business environment, Contemporary economic doctrines, Ecommerce, Business Web technologies, Services economy, Business Communication and correspondence in a foreign language (I) (English, French, German), Business Ethics, Financial Accounting, Purchase management, Business investment strategies, Strategic Management, Business Communication and correspondence in a foreign language (II) (English, French, German), Internship, Physical Education.
– Elective courses I: Monetary and Financial Economics, Promoting techniques.
– Elective courses II: Econometrics, Community law.
– 3rd Year: Insurance and reinsurance, International financial relations, Financial economic analysis, Business Project Management, Quality Management, Business Planning and company simulation games, Sales management, Investment and Risk, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management.
– Elective courses I: Managerial Accounting, Appraisal and investment financing.

General skills

  • Awareness, understanding and application of concepts, theories, principles and basic methods of investigation and prospecting specific to corporate economy;
  • Data collection, analysis and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data and information related to a defined problem;
  • Analysis of states and situations and taking responsibility to solve problems, communicate and demonstrate the results of their activities;
  • Ability to work independently or in teams to solve problems in defined professional contexts;
  • Verbal and written communication in a professional environment in at least one foreign language.

Specialized skills

  • Data collection, processing and analysis of data specific to the firm / company / organization.
  • Learning concepts, theories, methodologies and indicators system analyzes the firm / company / organization.
  • Develop statistical analysis works, economic and financial, optimization of economic activity within the firm / company / organization.
  • Using the economic database and drafting projects using information technology.
  • Identifying and describing the concepts of planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the activities of human resources.
  • Ability to use quantitative and qualitative tools in accordance with the specialization, when founding business plans and work programs at the branch, company or product levels.