Year I : Advanced Microeconomics, Business Development Strategies, Information Systems in TTS, Communication and Negotiation Techniques in TTS, Entrepreneurial Management, Case Studies on Financing Projects in TTS, Human Resource Management, Hospitality Industry, Policies and Strategies in World Tourism.
Elective courses I: The Economics of Sustainable Development, Restaurant Technology.
Elective courses II: International Trade and Commercial Policies, International Payment and Financing.
Year II: Operational Marketing in TTS, Merchandise Analysis, Audit and Quality Certification in TTS, Tourism Events Management, Strategic Marketing in TTS, The Diagnostic Analysis in TTS, Managerial Finance, The Technique of Trade Operations, Marketing Communication, Projects in Economics, Practical Training.
Elective courses: Aesthetics and Design in TTS, Tourist Facilities.

General Skills

  • the ability to lead teams and communicate in various contexts;
  • the ability to act independently and creatively when tackling and solving problems, to assess objectively and constructively critical moments, to solve business management problems creatively;
  • the ability to develop systems and strategies to improve the business environment and foster its diversification;
  • the ability to initiate, run and complete scientific research projects.

Specialized skills:

  • developing marketing programs in trade, tourism and other services;
  • conducting feasibility studies to develop investment projects in the field of trade, tourism and other services;
  • devising strategies for organization development (marketing, promotion strategies, etc.. );
  • conducting technical, economic, organizational research and analysis of the activities carried out in trade, tourism and other services;
  • establishing the inventory of materials and funds and identifying the human resources required to improve the efficiency of the company’s operations.