Business Adiminstration – BUSINESS QUALITY ASSURANCE

Subjects of study

Ist year: Advanced Microeconomics, Expertise and Evaluation in Commodities Science, Commodities Standardization and Certification, Intercultural Management, Business Management, Total Quality Management, Diagnostic Analysis and Quality in Business, Consumer Protection, Service Economy.
IInd Year: Food Quality, Security and Safety, Quality Audit and Certification, Development Economics, Modeling of Economic Processes, Trade Techniques and Operations, Ethics and Consumer Behavior, Business Development Strategies, Communication in Marketing, Concurrence and Competitivity, Internship.

General skills

  • Apprehension of concepts, approaches, theories, models and methods advanced in the field of business quality assurance;
  • Elaboration and coordination of development projects in accordance with all quality assurance regulations and norms;
  • Ability to formalize, interpret the phenomena, the processes and the methods specific to the field of business quality assurance;
  • Ability to think, work, communicate and act in a multicultural environment;
  • Ability to use in an interdisciplinary way the theories and methods acquired.

Specialized skills:

  • Apprehension of specific methodological research in the field of business quality assurance;
  • Apprehension of diagnosis and decision methods used in quality assurance;
  • Capacity to interpret the dynamics of the business environment specific to the organizations which implemented SMC, SMM, SMSA etc, and to value the results;
  • Carrying out an expertise and offering consultancy in quality assurance;
  • Ability to apply in a creative manner methods and techniques in order to analyze, interpret and identify solutions for specific situations in quality assurance.