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Starting with 2019-2020 university year

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Public institution of higher education founded in 1961, „Ovidius” University of Constanta is the largest university in Europe from the Black Sea coast. Its location is in Constanta, the largest town in Dobrogea, a thriving/flourishing economic region in southeastern Romania, which is a cultural bridge between the West and the East, being also the European Union’s eastern gate.

In its almost thirty years of existence, the Faculty of Economic Sciences from ”Ovidius” University of Constanta has become an active presence, recognized by the higher education system in the field of economy and business administration at both regional and national level.

During these years, Faculty of Economic Sciences has continuously developed its fundamental study domains (Business Administration, Economy and International Affairs, Accountancy, Finance, Marketing, Management), becoming a famous academic institution thanks to its graduates’ success on both local and regional labour market.

The number of students enrolled at the Faculty of Economic Sciences in the present academic year, in all the available study programs, is almost 2,000, placing the Faculty on the second place among all of the other faculties at the “Ovidius” University of Constanta in terms of students’ number.

Mission of the Study Programme

The Business Administration Study Programme is designed to meet the needs of personal skills training and development, the acquisition of basic and specialist knowledge in business administration, required to be applied in practice and research, in order to achieve performance and success in professional careers, the graduates being able to adapt and work effectively in various organizational environments, under multidisciplinarity and cultural diversity conditions.

Description of professional competences

  • Collecting, processing and analyzing of economic data specific to the enterprise/ the organization activity;
  • Collecting, processing and analyzing information regarding the interaction between the external environment and  enterprise/organization;
  • Managing the activity of an enterprise/ organization or a subdivision of the          enterprise/organization structure;
  • Implementation of methodological norms, procedures, policies and programs of economic nature;
  • Carrying out of accounting topics, elaboration of economic and financial reports;
  • Loading and use of databases with economic character and elaboration of activities using information technology.

Fundamental field of study:   ECONOMIC SCIENCES

Graduate field of study:         BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

Level of study:                         GRADUATE DIPLOMA

Programme duration:            3 YEARS (6 semesters)

Type of study:                          FULL-TIME

Tuition fee:                              2.200 EURO/year


Admission Information

  • The admission of candidates to full-time Business Administration Study Programme is done through competition.
  • All candidates in the admission competition will submit a dated and signed letter of intent – containing the justification for choosing the concerned study programme and the candidate’s career plan – which will be evaluated with admission or rejection grade.
  • At the same time, the candidates will submit a Certificate of English language proficiency recognized at national  or international level, B1 minimum level, or a Certificate of English language proficiency  obtained by supporting and promoting the language proficiency test in English at the “Ovidius” University of Constanta. Exceptions to the language proficiency test are those candidates coming from countries where the official language of the state is English and who prove with school documents that they have attended the courses in this language.
  • The overall admission grade is the Baccalaureate graduation grade or equivalent, or the average grade of the high school years where the Baccalaureate is not supported.
  • Further details about admission are presented in “Specific Procedure for the Organization of the Admission Competition to the Business Administration study programme (Course in English)”.