Subjects of study

Ist year: Advanced Microeconomics, Comprehensive Accounting, Bank Management, Accounting and Financial Informatics, Fiscal Methods and Techniques, Company Development Strategies, Comprehensive Economic and Financial Analysis, Economic and Financial Evaluation of the Enterprise, Business Management.
IInd year: Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards, Financial Accounting Audit, Accounting Expertise, Monetary Policy and Banking Techniques, Doctrine and Deontology of Accountants, Human Resources Management, Goods Insurance, Managerial Accounting, Business Projects Financing, Law, Internship.

General skills

  • Thorough study of financial and accounting problems in order to cope with contemporary requirements;
  • Capacity to elaborate financial statements for consortiums;
  • Ability to elaborate decisions based on financial and accounting statements;
  • Ability to analyze fiscal operations and to transpose them into accounting information system.

Specialized skills:

  • Apprehension of concepts, making use of the theories, of the specific approaches and instruments used in financial and accounting activity of the enterprises;
  • Applying concepts, theories and investigation methods fundamental for the field of accounting and finance, ability to formulate projects and professional approaches;
  • Using financial and accounting techniques to elaborate and interpret statements, according to legal regulations;
  • Developing skills required for an easy integration of the accountants in Romanian and European economy;
  • Elaboration and analysis of financial statements for consortiums.